Saturday, September 15, 2012


Canon Rest Manual iP 1980 or iP 1900
the incase of permanent resetter after doing the troubles in Cartage to use software. software resetter as Iptool and general for canoncan be used to reset waste ink counter in the Canon iP1980 and Canon iP1900 series. To reset waste ink tank or iP1900 Canon iP1980 series follows the following steps:

Reset Canon iP1980 or iP 1900

Disconnect the printer power
press and hold the power button
Connect the power while holding the power button
then using a pen, press the detection of the cover (the button is pressed each time the lid is closed, this button tells the printer when the cover is open or not.'ll have to use a pen or object that can reach the button and you can not close the lid while holding the power button.)
release the power button
release detection cover
close lid and turn on the printer. fac

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